Accelerated Reader Programme

This October half term we are launching a new way of improving the literacy skills for all year 7 students at the Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School, called the Accelerated Reader programme.


              Accelerated Reader is a programme which helps us to encourage, manage and monitor your child’s independent reading. This programme has not only been specifically designed to improve studentsʼ reading ability and continue to raise their reading age, but also to encourage and nurture a love of reading that will continue into adulthood. Reading is a national priority for a number of reasons: being able to demonstrate competent reading skills is essential for subjects across the entire curriculum. Scientific research shows clearly that a student who reads regularly for 20 minutes per day is far more likely to be successful at GCSE level and beyond.


Before they get started, all students will be tested to gauge their initial reading level. Once they have begun, they can choose their own books from within a reading ability band (or ZPD) and read them at their own pace. This reading band will guide your child towards choosing books at an appropriate reading level that are challenging without being frustrating. As they finish their books, they will complete online quizzes to assess their knowledge and comprehension of the book’s content. 


Accelerated reader responds and adapts immediately to your child’s progress, it will not only adjust the level of questioning within a quiz, increasing or decreasing difficulty in response to their answers, but also helps us to ensure they are reading books which offer them an appropriate level of challenge. All of our books in school have been newly labelled to further help guide your child in choosing a book.


          We hope that your son/daughter is able to fully engage with and enjoy the programme, and hence receive the benefits.


Thank you for your support


If you have further questions please feel free to either contact your child’s English teacher, the librarian Mrs Ashford-Kelleher ( ) or try visiting the Accelerated Reader website at