Enrichment Week

ENRICHMENT WEEK 2018:  Week beginning 1st July 2019

During the week there will be four trips running: Cologne/Rhineland Trip (Languages Trip), Eden Project Trip to Cornwall (Environmental impact), Arete Outdoor Activity Week at Llanrug and WW1 Battlefields Trip to Ypres and the Somme.  Everybody on trips will remain in these groups on their return if the trip is not the full week and do follow up work.

Year 11 will have left school and Year 10 will be on Work Experience.

Those in Years 7-9 that are not on a trip will be involved in a week of different activities in school.  Last year’s examples included: archery, golf, cycling course, design and build a trebuchet, design a coat of arms, fencing, archery tag, ultimate Frisbee, water rocket building, match box art, create a dream maker, friendship bracelets, create a computer animation, and many more besides.


This year's activities are yet to be confirmed.