Governing Body

Keith Lawton (KL) (Foundation Governor)
Vice Chair:
Alison Woodcock (AW) (Foundation Governor)
Foundation Governors:

Steve Morgan (SM)

Sophie Burrage (SB)

Allan Davies (AD)

Tim O’Byrne (TB)

Sue Agate (SA)

Helen Clarke (HC)

Rev. Nick Armstrong (NA)


Local Authority Governor:
Liz Kearns (LK)
Parent/Carer Governors:
 Rob Patterson (RP)   

John Round (JR)

Diane Farmer (DF)

Gayle Scot (GS) 

Claire Jinks (CJ) 

Staff Governors:

Sara Catlow-Hawkins (SCH)

Donna Yandle (DEY)

Clerk to the Governing Body
Alan Cook (AC)

Associate Members 

 Deputy Heads: Peter Gibbins and Martin Henton