Governing Body

Tim O'Byrne (TOB) (Foundation Governor)
Vice Chair:
Alison Woodcock (AW) (Foundation Governor)
Foundation Governors:

Steve Morgan (SM)

Sophie Burrage (SB)

Allan Davies (AD)

Tim O’Byrne (TB)

 Alison Woodcock (AW) Diane Farmer (DF)  John Round (JR) Linde Melhuish (LM)

Rev. Nick Armstrong (NA)

Revd. Phillip Brown (PB)



Local Authority Governor:
Liz Kearns (LK)
Parent/Carer Governors:
 Vacancy  Gayle Scot (GS)  Claire Jinks (CJ)  
Staff Governors:

Martin Henton (MNH)

Donna Yandle (DEY)

Clerk to the Governing Body
Carol Langstaff

Associate Members 

 Deputy Head: Peter Gibbins / Deputy Head: Ellie Bunston