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On Tuesday 15th May some of our Year 9 and 10 students were involved in solving a real-life murder.  They were using authentic forensic science techniques including density analysis, gps signal and mobile phone analysis, forensic entomology and finger printing analysis. The students were thoroughly engaged and found the sessions highly interesting.

Comments from them include "it was really interesting to see how science can be used to solve crimes", " I'm now really interested in a career in forensic science after that workshop", " That was fun, I liked the fact that we had to work in teams to solve the crime"  

If students would like to extend their experiences in the field of forensic sciences please see the links below:   Range of forensic careers:
Forensic Activities, form beginner to advance... CSI The Experience 
Introduction into Forensic Science: Free online course (last 6/7 weeks)   For students who were unable to attend the workshop this year we hope to run the workshop again next year.