SIMS Parent App Instructions

Open App

Login – You will only need to do this the first time you use the App. Use the same login that you used when registering.

  • Home Page

Messages: If you have a new message click on the Messages box to view. Click on Message to mark as read.
Students: On this screen you will see all the students you have Parental Responsibility for at the school. Select the Student you wish to view information for.

  • Student screen

Behaviour: Achievement and Behaviour Points can be seen as soon as they are awarded.  Please note behaviour will be points only and does not automatically refer to a detention being set. You will receive email notifications for dententions containing more detail.

Homework: This will display the homework your child currently has set.  Clicking on the button will provide more detail.

Attendance:  please contact student services should you have any queries.  Note: amendments to the register could take an overnight run to show in the Parent App.

Timetable: your child's current timetable can be viewed by click the icon.

Reports & Assessment:  Please click on the icon to view reports and 'data drops'. Reports should be available for your childs school history since the app went live in September 2017. Data drops can be found by clicking on Assessment icon. 
Details of these can be found in the reporting to parents section of the webiste.

  • Data Collection:  Please take time to ensure the data we hold for your child/children is accurate and current.

Student Information

(please ensure this relates to the STUDENT with regards to contact telephone no's and emails. Parent contact details should be edited elsewhere)

Legal Name: Unable to edit. If this is incorrect please contact

Changes, additions and deletions can be made to the following .

Preferred Forename
Preferred Surname
Date of Birth
Student Telephones
Student Emails: 
To add a new email address click ‘+Add Email’, enter the details and click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen. One email should be marked as primary.  This will enable emails to be sent via in-touch and for the student to receieve access to the Parent App account to view homework etcetera.

Medical Details

Medical Practices:

Selected Doctor’s Surgery will have a blue symbol to the right of the address.

To change the selected surgery, click on the symbol to the right of the address so that it changes to blue and click ‘Save’.

To add a Doctor’s Surgery that is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the screen and write the name and address in the ‘Medical Practice Notes’ box and click ‘Save’.

Medical Conditions:

To add/remove a Student’s Medical Condition click on the symbol to the right. Blue symbols are those that are selected and white symbols are not selected. Click ‘Save’.

To add a Medical Condition that is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the screen and write a description in the ‘Other Medical Conditions’ box and click ‘Save’.


To add a Disability click ‘+Add Disability’, enter the information and click ‘Save’.

Cultural Information

To select/change the information stored, select the new information from the dropdown boxes and click ‘Save’.

Parental Consent

To add/remove Parental Consent click on the symbol to the right. Blue symbols are those that are selected and white symbols are not selected. Click ‘Save’.

Adoption: Only select this if the student is adopted from care or left care on a special guardianship order/child arrangements order.  

Armed Forces/Services: Only select this if either/both parents are serving in the Regular Armed Forces and therefore the student is a ‘service child in education’.

Biometric Cashless Catering:  By selecting this you are agreeing to your child's fingerprint being used by AIP Catering for their cashless catering system.

LAC: Only select this if the student is a ‘Looked After Child’ (fostered, residing in a care home, guardianship with an authority).

SGO: Only select this if you have legal Special Guardianship Order.

Photograph Permissions: Please only select NO PHOTOGRAPH PERMISSION if you do not agree to your child having their photograph taken for any purpose whatsoever.


To view/edit/delete contact information, click on the name.
To delete contact, click delete at the bottom of the screen.
To edit, click on links and complete information as below and click ‘Save’.
To add contact, click ‘+Add Contact’, complete information as below and click ‘Save’.

Please note: Only select Parental responsibility if the contact has legal Parental Responsibility. The legal definition of parental responsibility is having rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property.

Telephones & Emails: ensure one email is marked as Primary. This will be the email used by our In-touch messaging system

  • To undo any changes you have made click ‘Revert’ on the Home page.
  • Once all changes have been made go to the homepage and click ‘Finish Changes’, then ‘Submit Changes’.
  • Please note: Once you click ‘submit changes’ editing capabilities will be disabled. Your change request will be sent to the Data Manager at school for verification. Once the changes have been verified your account will be enabled for further changes.

If you require further information or are having any problems please contact Julie Chapman or telephone 01432 347541