School Learning Hub and Library

Welcome to
The Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School 
Learning Hub and Library

School Library

As a student at Bishops you are automatically a member of the Library.

We have a computer-based loans system, called Micro Librarian Eclipse, and with parental permission, the first time you visit you will be asked to scan your fingerprint. This scan is converted into a number which will be used to identify you whenever you borrow items.

We want everyone to enjoy using our Library as a quiet and friendly place, not only for choosing books, but for working in to. We do expect all students to…….

  1. Leave bags tidily, except at lunchtimes, when they should be left in your locker.
  2. Be as quiet as possible and have consideration for others.
  3. No eating or drinking
  4. Treat all resources with respect

Mrs Sayce is available throughout the day to help you use the resources. Please ask if you need any help.

You may borrow up to two books for three weeks in Year 7, 8 and 9 and three books in Year 10 and 11.

The return date will be stamped inside your book and it is your responsibility to make sure you return them on time. Loans may be renewed for another three weeks as long as they are not needed by another student.

 In order to safeguard our extensive stock we have a security system. This is designed to ensure that books are correctly issued before being removed from the Library. All the books are ‘tagged ‘and if they have not been issued to you at the Library desk an alarm will sound as you go through the gates at the entrance. If this happens please return to the desk.

If staff are not available, you cannot remove books from the Library.

We have approximately 3,500 fiction Books for all levels of reader. They are arranged alphabetically by the authors surname and can be found near to the comfortable seating area.

Approximately 4,000 non fiction books can be found on the ground floor. They are classified by numbers known as the Dewey Decimal System, look for signs and posters to explain where to look or ask Mrs Sayce.

Dewey Classifications

000-100 General Knowledge, Information and Computing

100-199 Philosophy and Phycology

200-299 Beliefs and Religions

300-399 Social Sciences, Politics, Economics, Law

400-499 Languages

500-599 Pure Sciences

600-699 Technology, Medical Science, Engineering

700-799 The Arts, Music, Sport and Hobbies

800-899 Literature

900-999 Geography and History

Searchstar is a computer programme which can help you find the subject or book you want. Use the icon on any of the computers in the Library.



Using the Computers

There are fourteen computer work stations available for students doing their own work.

You may be sent in as individuals or as small groups during lessons, but you must always come with permission from your teacher.

There is internet access and a wide range of programmes are networked. A black and white and a colour printer is available. You should log on in the usual way, and you are reminded that these computers are for research and study purposes only.


All computers can be used by responsible students at break and lunchtimes as well as after school. Homework takes priority as the computers are very popular.


Reading Group

Our reading group ‘Page Turners’ meets on a regular basis. If you have an interest in books and would like to share this with others please come along. Please ask Mrs Sayce if you are interested.

 As well as books we have many other resources and services to interest you:

Daily Newspaper

First Newspaper

Magazine’s to a range of interests

Fiction Stories on audio discs

Books on Herefordshire and local History

Scholastic Book Club

Colour printing at 25p per sheet