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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

Religious Studies forms a core part of our curriculum.  It gives all students the opportunity to explore accepted behaviour and world views within society. It comprises two subject areas: Religious Studies and Skills for Life (S4L).  All students follow both subjects throughout their time at school.

Religious Studies

Through the study of religion and world views students gain a greater understanding of their own beliefs, and those of others. The skills, knowledge and understanding acquired are transferable, and the qualification is vital foundation for those considering a career in social services, local government, emergency services, healthcare, counselling, armed forces, diplomatic service, local or national government, teaching and religious occupations. Philosophy & Ethics is a popular and successful subject at Sixth Form College and a number of our students have gone on to study theology at university. 

All students will take the AQA Religious Studies GCSE. 

Students explore issues of Christian Belief and Practice, Muslim Belief and Practice and four themes, understanding Relationships and Families; Religion and Life; Religion, Peace and Conflict; and Religion, Crime and Punishment.

Skills for Life/ PSHE/ Citizenship

This is a non-examined course. At Key Stage four this is delivered through the Religios Studies lessons. It includes the statutory elements of personal, social, health and citizenship education.  This gives students an opportunity to discuss and learn about important ‘life’ issues that are not necessarily covered by their GCSE subjects and without the constraints of examinations. [Citizenship is also delivered through a cross-curricular approach.]  We are also able to address issues that are current.  When addressing these issues, we will often take the opportunity to invite outside agencies in to speak with our students in order to supplement their learning.