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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

PSFA GoFundMe - Thank you!

In the last month over 90 parents/carers have donated a wonderfully generous £3,000 to the Bishops PSFA GoFundMe page.  A huge amount! Thank you so very much for your support!

The money we have all raised together online will enable further covered spaces to be provided for students who are outside at break and lunchtimes, and further seating areas.  

The fantastic amount raised so far has already enabled the School to install some extra table tennis tables and get on with organising permissions and formulating plans for the covered spaces. We have cleared another area on the site this week for a further covered space. 

Please can we appeal for your continued help and support to enable our plans for covered spaces to be realised — if you haven’t donated yet and would like to, simply click on the GoFundMe link below - we know these times are difficult for a lot of people, but even the smallest amount will help. 

The link is

Plus please share the link to the PSFA fundraising page on social media with family and friends - we will close this site at the end of this week on Friday 30th April.