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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

Drama is an important component in educating a well rounded child, giving essential opportunities for growth and challenge beyond the mere subject content.

All children have the right to express themselves and a need for play - Drama maximises these natural factors in a safe, encouraging environment. The future of the children we are educating now is uncertain and challenging.

The greatest skill we can give them is to be able to harness their own creativity and communicate this with others. Drama is pivotal in this whilst also helping pupils to improve peer relationships and confidence in the setting of high school. All of this is in addition to giving them the tools they need to continue to enjoy, through participation or appreciation, their rich Dramatic heritage throughout the rest of their lives.


Key stage 3

BHBS Drama Department aims to ensure that all pupils in KS3:

  • have opportunities to devise their own work;
  • use drama techniques to explore themes, issues and ideas;
  • interpret the work of playwrights and theatre practitioners;
  • learn the skills of teamwork, organisation and determination.

All of these things will help to foster a sense of pride in their achievements which come from performing their own work to the best of their ability, to peers and to a wider audience.

Key skills that we develop are: -

  • Vocal skills through performance
  • Physical skills through performance
  • How meaning is communicated through different styles of drama
  • Being able to relate to specific characters and create empathy towards them
  • Giving and taking direction from their peers
  • Becoming more resilient when working with their peers and taking constructive criticism
  • Becoming more confident in sharing ideas and their skills with their peers 
  • Being more accepting of each other and therefore becoming more of a team player


Key stage 4

BHBS Drama Department aims to ensure that all pupils at KS4 explore content that will allow the pupils to study and develop truthful relationships through scripted study and devised work. It will encourage students to be emotionally, mentally and physically aware of their skills to be able to interpret different characters, navigate a journey which embrace diversity and allows the pupils to produce work in which they find meaning.

Key skills that we will be developing are: -

  • Learning how to take care of their mental and physical heath, especially during practical lessons
  • Being able to put key practitioners ideas and methods into practice 
  • Being able to shape their own unique ideas with a greater understanding of the need for style, intention, theatrical form
  • Learning to celebrate individual and unique perspectives of drama and the arts as a whole. 
  • Being an effective drama student in higher education
  • Allowing the students to develop an appreciation for theatre as an art form and reflection of society 
  • Preparing students for auditions and interviews. 
  • Realising the transferrable skills they have gained which will help them to be successful throughout their higher education and beyond