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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

Students will be e mailed their results on the GCSE exam results day on Thursday 24th August 2023- this will go to their school account. Mrs Bunston will be available on results day for you to talk to - e mail if you would like to book to see her. She will also be available on the inset days in school. If it is for a particular subject then please contact the Curriculum Team Leader for this subject in the first instance on the school inset days. 

If a student would like to review their result this will need to be put in writing to Mrs Clarke ( this could be for a clerical recheck, a review of marking or review of moderation. If you wish to request this, it must be done by September 6th (Wednesday). Fees for post results services are set independently and published by awarding bodies. Awarding bodies will only accept a request for a review of marking from the centre and not from an individual candidate or their parents. Written consent must be given for clerical re checks and review of marking. Candidates' marks can be raised, remain the same or lowered as part of this process. 

It is important that you contact your college on results day to speak to them about places. Any careers advice can be sought from Mrs Williams on If you e mail Mrs Williams you can then arrange to  meet her in school.