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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

Our aim in PE is to enable all students to participate in a wide and varied range of activities and sports to the best of their ability. We strive to:

  • Provide a solid foundation which will encourage students to continue to participate in lifelong learning and enjoyment and lead healthy active lifestyles upon leaving school.
  • Create a learning environment which fosters a holistic approach to learning, promoting the mental, social and personal aspects as well as the physical aspects.
  • Encourage students to increasingly take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Promote responsible and respectful attitudes with regards to kit, equipment and the safety of themselves and others.
  • Develop self-esteem.
  • Develop evaluation skills which will enable the students to self-evaluate their own performance and that of others.
  • Develop fair play.
  • Ensure that the students develop a sound knowledge of safety procedures which apply to all the activities studied.
  • Ensure that all students have access to all extra-curricular activities.

Teaching and Learning

In years 7-11 students will experience a broad and balanced curriculum. During Key Stage 3 (years 7-9), all the students will cover the Key Concepts and Processes from the National Curriculum.

  1. Outwitting opponents. Games activities like netball, rugby, hockey, Association Football, cricket,
  2. Accurate replication of actions. Phrases and sequences as in gymnastics.
  3. Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions. For example through dance activities.
  4. Performing at maximum levels. In relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy, as in athletic activities.
  5. Identifying and solving problems. To overcome challenges of an adventurous nature, as in life saving and personal survival in swimming and outdoor activities.
  6. Exercising safely and effectively. To improve health and wellbeing, as in fitness and health activities.

Throughout Key stage 4 (years 10-11), all these concepts and processes will be developed and enhanced. This is delivered with a greater variety of choice in the activities that are studied.

Students are given a range of activities to choose from that best suits their needs and enjoyment, to include a variety of games, e.g. rugby, football, basketball, netball, hockey, cricket, rounders, dance, gymnastics, and fitness. As a continuation from Key Stage 3 work, students are also encouraged to act as a coach or official in lessons.

Students who wish to use the fitness suite in their own time without supervision are required to do an induction (6 weeks) and to return the parental slip to accept responsibility for the use of the room.  The induction is done at lunchtime with supervising staff.  

Lessons in years 10 and 11 are designed to build confidence and open pathways to preferred activities that may be continued when students leave school.

All students are allocated two hours of core Physical Education a week.


We are well resourced and consist of: sports hall, gymnasium, fitness room / weights room, fields which accommodate five rugby pitches, tennis / netball courts, cricket square and artificial cricket square.


Throughout their time at BHBS all students will be assessed in the following areas;

  • Developing skills in Physical activities. Learning and applying skills.
  • Making and Applying Decisions. Use of tactics, strategies, compositional and chorographic skills.
  • Developing Physical and Mental Capacity. Strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, mental determination.
  • Evaluating and Improving. Analysing performance and identifying strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others.
  • Making Informed Choices about Healthy Active Lifestyles. Which activities and roles within activities students enjoy and succeed in.

Extra Curricular

We aim to provide students with an experience which will equip them with knowledge, understanding and involvement which will last a life time and expect all students to participate in an extra-curricular activity to enhance their experience at school and to give something back to our community.  We run an extensive and superbly successful programme for all abilities to succeed.  The school has an exceptional sporting tradition established over many decades by our teams and individuals in local, district, county and national competitions.  The PE team is committed to providing students with a diverse range of extra-curricular activities and maintains an enviable relationship with local clubs and teams.