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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

Curriculum Overview


Develop a life-long love of sport and exercise in an environment in which every student is challenged to achieve their very best across a plethora of activities. Create a learning journey which augments physical, cognitive, social and emotional development in students so that they can display resilience, confidence and independence in taking part in physical activity.

Throughout their learning journey at BHBS, students will:

  • progressively develop competence and excel in a broad range of activities
  • be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in a variety of sports and activities
  • understand the benefits of exercise and how to lead active, healthy lives
  • have opportunities to participate in sports and physical activities outside of school hours
  • understand the different pathways and facilities available to take part in sport and exercise away from the school
  • make connections with other subject areas to reap the wider benefits and understanding of sport and exercise (eg. Food Tech (energy balance, healthy diet), Science (forces), Maths (physical data analysis), Geography (map reading)

BHBS Core Values

How applied in Physical Education


Love for all; acceptance and inclusion


Love of sport (development of intrinsic motivation)


Love for ourselves and developing a healthy mind and body


Working with others in a team and having faith in their abilities and roles


Empathy with others, helping others develop through coaching and leadership


Resilience in the face of adversity and failure


Sportsmanship & fair play


Working with others and developing relationships


Concern for the welfare of others


Understanding the role of sport bringing people of all communities, faiths and cultures together in unity


Acceptance of outcomes in competitive situations




By building on the foundations of the KS2 curriculum we aim to provide students a broad and balanced curriculum which allows them to become more physically competent, develop knowledge, develop confidence, leadership and independence across a variety of sports

Classes are taught in single sex groups and set by ability. This allows students more scope to work at their own level and develop more in sync with their peers.

The curriculum aims to:

  • Provide a range of activities from a myriad of sporting and physical activity domains
  • Keep students as active as possible during lessons
  • Develop skills, techniques, tactics and strategies which can be transferred across activities
  • Sign post students to clubs within and outside of school
  • Develop team work and problem-solving skills
  • Develop analytical skills and understanding of steps to improve
  • Progressively promote leadership and independence in sports


At this stage we aim to provide relative autonomy for students to engage in sports and activities of their choice. Students will engage in a range of activities and be progressively provided with more leadership opportunities and more decisions on how activities can take place. The aim at this stage of the curriculum is to develop confidence and independence in participating in sports which in turn should lead to more students having the inclination to participate in sport and exercise once they leave school. Students will develop the confidence to explore pathways in activities outside of school which can be the catalyst for a life-long active and healthy lifestyle. 

Depending on each cohort we group students accordingly. This can be mixed sex, single sex, ability based or mixed ability. The underlining principle of the grouping is to facilitate participation, enjoyment, and independence and one size does not fit all at this stage. 

The curriculum aims to: 

  • Further develop skills, techniques, and strategies across sports 
  • Facilitate confidence and independence across a range of activities. 
  • Develop students’ understanding of their preferred activities and signpost opportunities to participate in these sports outside of school. 
  • Provide access to non-traditional activities increasing students scope and breadth of activity engagement. 
  • Develop key life skills through completing course such as Leve 2 Sports Leaders, Crossfit in Education, FA Football Referee 


To ensure we are consistently progressing, impact will be measure in a variety of ways: 

  • Students’ attainment increases as they move through the journey starting in Y7.  
  • Track participation rates in both curricular and extra-curricular sessions  
  • Number of students who complete a qualification in PE increase.  
  • Students speak positively about sport and physical activity within the school. 



We aim to provide students with an experience which will equip them with knowledge, understanding and involvement which will last a life time and expect all students to participate in an extra-curricular activity to enhance their experience at school and to give something back to our community.  We run an extensive and superbly successful programme for all abilities to succeed.  The school has an exceptional sporting tradition established over many decades by our teams and individuals in local, district, county and national competitions.  The PE team is committed to providing students with a diverse range of extra-curricular activities and maintains an enviable relationship with local clubs and teams.