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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

"Studying science will broaden your understanding of the world around you, may allow you to influence and develop accepted scientific knowledge, and will give you the skills needed to approach most matters in a reasoned and analytical manner."

Dr. Zac Sloman, Gatsby Business-Science Fellow, Nottingham (Subject: PhD Chemistry)

We believe that students deserve a broad and ambitious Science curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which ignites curiosity and prepares them well for future learning or employment. Our Science curriculum will give students the opportunity to:

  • Develop substantive knowledge through a carefully planned curriculum that demonstrates conceptual progression and reinforcement without repetition.
  • Develop disciplinary knowledge and practical skills by providing frequent practical opportunities that have a clear purpose;
  • Articulate scientific concepts clearly and precisely.
  • Remedy misconceptions.
  • Understand the nature, processes and methods of Science.
  • Understand the uses and applications of Science today and for the future.
  • Accurately articulate, read and interpret technical terminology;
  • See connections between subject areas and become aware of the big ideas underpinning scientific knowledge and understanding;
  • Challenge received wisdom by taking into account new evidence and ideas.
  • Use problem solving skills and numeracy within scientific concepts;
  • Explore opportunities to develop cultural capital.