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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

This Applies to Year 11 Only as we trial this. A full summary can be found at the end of this content


Each student has already been assigned a Voucher code that can be used on ONE device only. If a student requires a new code, they should contact the helpdesk (

Once a student has obtained their voucher code, they will need to connect to our BYOD (Bring your own device) network: BHBS-BYOD. once connected their should enter their voucher code into the webpage. (The Voucher code format will be XXXXX-XXXXX, the hyphen (-) is only included to make it easier to read but does need to be included) 

Once the voucher code is entered, the students device will redirect to a page for them to download the required SSL certificate (Needed for filtering) or the certificate can be download from 

the certificate needs to be trusted on each device, this is different for IOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, google, LG etc) 


A Brief Summary

We will be introducing a trial use of mobile devices for year 11 students only in the first instance, for the second half of the autumn term. At the end of the trial we will evaluate its success and use the outcomes from the trial period to determine whether or not to continue with this approach.


A number of subject teams have expressed the desire to be allowed to use devices/apps to benefit the students during lessons. We felt it was right to trial this with year 11 first. Our plan is that from the 2nd November year 11 students will be allowed to use mobile devices for learning activities in the classroom. I have attached our trial policy for you to read, which can also be found on our website by clicking on this link:

In summary, the principles for this trial strategy are;


1. The teacher in each lesson will clarify whether students will be able to use their mobile devices, students must understand that this may not be possible in every subject lesson.

2. Students will not be able to use their mobile devices out of lessons as specified in the current mobile phone policy, if they do the normal confiscation rules will apply. The trial strategy we are trying out will need to be accompanied by the right amount of responsibility and sensibility from students to make it work.

3. Bishops will not be able to accept responsibility for loss/damage when mobile devices are used.

4. Students will be given a non-transferrable login to a dedicated student wifi so that they do not have to use any data plans.

5. Staff will always provide alternatives to using a device because we appreciate that some families may not wish to send their son/daughter into school with a device.