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The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

A Church of England School

Teaching Staff Emails

Please find a list of teaching staff below (Pastoral Mentors emails below)

Name Email
Miss A Alford 
Mr S Atkinson 
Mr A Banks
Mrs L Barker
Miss E Bartlett
Mr H Bengough-Sutton
Mr J Bohan
Mrs D Braidley
Mr K Brandreth
Mrs E Bunston
Mrs L Campbell
Miss J Chadderton
Mrs N Collingbourne
Mr O Collingbourne
Mr J Foggo
Mr P Gibbins
Mr N Gibbons
Mrs A Goodall
Mrs K Greenwood
Mrs E Gregory
Miss S Griffiths
Mrs M Grinnell
Miss K Hallam
Mr J Handley
Mrs C Harley
Mrs A Hatt
Mr D Haylock
Miss G Healy
Mr M Henton
Miss B Hodgson
Mr N Hoon
Mr D Jones
Mrs J Jones
Mrs J Kyle
Mrs J Li
Mr D Merrick
Mrs R Metcalfe
Mrs P Navarro-Moreno
Mrs H Newens
Mr J Nicholas
Mrs J Ogden
Mrs R Oosthuizen
Mr D Parry
Ms D Poole
Mrs B Pritchard
Mrs E Reynolds
Mr T Richards
Mrs E Robertson
Mr A Sampson
Mrs A Shaw
Mrs R Sheldon
Mr J Stevens
Miss R Thomas
Mrs S Thomas
Mr N Vaughan
Mrs C Whittaker
Miss E Wilkins
Mrs J Williams
Mr D Wright
    Pastoral Mentors  
Mrs L Dumbrell
Mrs M Roberts
Mrs K Long
Mrs J Foggo
Miss K Jones
Miss C Vaughan
Mrs A Thomasson